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    Top 5 times I fell asleep to Doctor Strange

    I’m gonna list all 5 times from what I can remember before I feel a sleep below.  It’s a fine movie and the acting is good.. snoring.  Ok ok let’s get to the top 5 times I fell asleep to Doctor Strange.

  • MadonnaTears

    iCizzle talks new Madonna documentary

    Snore Reviews: What’s the one thing you learned about Madonna? 
    iCizzle: She’s done more for women’s sexual libration than any woman has ever done. Including Mother Teresa.   

  • AVP-Alien-vs.-Predator-2004

    AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004) is good PG-13 fun

    There’s not much more to say about this film. It’s got some cool kills, fun action and a dark underworld tone. Everybody RUN!!! Ewww now that’s scary!

  • american-made-1280

    American Made is made for you

    There’s something about the way handles the scenes in American Made. He’s commanding and in control. He understands what makes a great actor year after year.

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    Tomb Raider (2018) is good fun 1st and 2nd viewing

    Tomb Raider is good. Not great. Not bad. Just good. Nothing wrong with that. I would like to see a sequel as this is just a good action adventure that means well. If they green light a sequel I would imagine it would be better and I’ll be first in line. 

  • iCizzle competes in Beard Off!

    10 Digital Shorts By iCizzle is chiseled with laughter

    So what’s it all about? It’s a 10 short film collection of some of the best iCizzle comedy shorts.  If you’re not familiar with iCizzle that’s ok. He’s a comedy gem who has yet to be cast on SNL.

  • top-gun

    To Be Tom Cruise

    The man is a legend, great actor, great celebrity, Box Office draw and one crazy mofo.  Please keep your standards of movies up and we’ll keep going to the theaters to see them. That says a lot considering Cruise has outlasted even the most amazing actors not releasing movies direct to video streaming. 

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