iCizzle talks new Madonna documentary

We sat down with the multi talented director iCizzle about his new Madonna documentary.

iCizzle: It’s been a 3 year shot selection process. Every shot has to be perfect.

iCizzle taking the perfect 360 degree Celfie

Snore Reviews: You completed a 7 year creation time Michael Jackson documentary this year. Is this new Madonna documentary the same challenge?

iCizzle: Yes and no. Michael was basically born into the spotlight as Madonna was in her almost 20s before fame.

Snore Reviews: How many hours of footage did you look through?

iCizzle: Not sure. I can tell you I have over 30 hours of footage for this edit right now.

Snore Reviews: Wow. No wonder they take so long to make. Speaking of completion. How much longer do we have to wait?

iCizzle: it’s shaping up to be September of 2020. Perfection takes time.

iCizzle on the red carpet at film festival in Las Vegas

Snore Reviews: What’s the one thing you learned about Madonna?

iCizzle: She’s done more for women’s sexual libration than any woman has ever done. Including Mother Teresa.

Snore Reviews: What’s left?

iCizzle: Here’s some notes.

  • Clean up script a bit more
  • Record Voiceover
  • cut down to 1 hour and 23 minutes

Snore Reviews: iCizzle thank you for taking time to talk new documentary.

iCizzle: Thank you snore reviews.

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