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    Tony Lowery’s “Down” Lyric Video stuns us all!

    The return of Tony Lowery has begun! This Lyric video created by iCizzle Visuals stuns us all! A powerful song and video. The video starts with images of old time religion and images of mother Mary. The lyrics, at times, are hard to understand so having this video show us what Tony Lowery is speaking […]

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    Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne – No Frauds is cool

    we reported a few weeks back that Nicki Minaj would be making a music video for “No Fruads” ft. Drake and Lil Wayne. The song and origin meaning dates back a few months with the Remy Ma female rap artist off! The results are this: Nicki Monetized her song and music video and Remy did […]

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    iCizzle cuts new Imagine Dragons music video Believer

    You make me a believer, Believer. iCizzle makes it look sooooooo easy. that’s one thing that we can all agree on in this day and age of over saturated music videos. The Imagine Dragons brought in Action star greatness Dolph Lundgren for the storyline. The best we can figure out is… you know what let’s let you […]

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    Hold Me Close by J-Shep has zombies getting sawed up!

    Hold me close never let go… never let goooooooooooooo! J-Shep returns with J. Scott for the first single and music video off of his debut album “My Thoughts.” I was so thoroughly entertained throughout with this tribute to some of J-Shep’s favorite music videos and movies. some of the parodies include: Grease, Take on me […]

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