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  • 106228655-1573069721179irishamncropped

    The Irishman: Whew 3 Hours and 20 minutes worth of this?

    Man you’d think 2 hours and 20 minutes would be plenty. I think the best way of release would of been a series on Netflix. It’s kinda sad that I feel this way. I feel like that would of given everyone a better shot at a second movie or season. 320 minutes divided by 8 episodes = 40 minutes per episode. Now I would be more enticed to finish this story.

  • Stripping, Animals, and New Projects… iCizzle talks about them all

    Albino Black: Allegedly, people have been spreading rumors about you being a male stripper for the ladies.

  • matrix-sucks

    The Matrix trilogy (it’s worse than you remember)

    The Matrix was a mysterious place in the first movie. In Reloaded, the Matrix isn’t a place that we would want to visit in the movie theater. The 3rd one? Wait, what was that one about again? What happened to the visual porn? Everything feels trite and contrived. 

  • Will-Smith-as-the-Genie-in-Aladdin

    Aladdin (2019) The Struggle Is Real

    We can only figure Will Smith took this role was because he must be broke or needing to get out of the house. Why not bring back robin Williams? You’ve got enough audio. If you can make Will Smith blue why not Williams?

  • SHARKTANK_FEATURED_67079_003-936x482

    Shark Tank is 10 years strong!

    Let’s hope the show can keep up what made it great in the first place… The sharks. Look, everyone has ideas. Yeah you can say that again. We just need great investors who believe in those ideas.

  • 0511-american-idol-cancelled2-1

    Why American Idol Sucks

    Start by replacing Katy Perry, cutting down the amount of episodes a season, be honest to the contestant, bring the fun back of off key singers and place oh please stop advertising every new disney live action remake and blah blah blah.

  • twilightblackmirror

    The Twilight Zone vs Black Mirror

    The original Twilight Zone is so original that trying to top it or even attempting to duplicate that success has failed over the years. The 1980s movie and series fell flat to deliver anything that you would want to keep watching.  The 2000’s brought yet another remake with Forest Whitaker as the narrater. Yep it too failed.

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