In Hiding a Bigfoot Story amazes with great characters!

Directed by Ian Cranston With Dave Gibson, Charlie Cogburn, Bigfoot, Mark Vermont, and Lori Simmons. After Hearing local 911 calls on the news of a Bigfoot type creature in the Ocala National Forest. Three friends decide to check out the sightings and reports for themselves. After talking with many of the locals they decide to set out on a journey into the unknown. Armed with only a camera they head deep into the forest. What happens next will frighten you.

This was a surprisingly great time! From the start to finish I was entertained and laughing so hard. When I think of Bigfoot movies that are found footage they usually are not good at all. something about the likability of the characters. I won’t spoil anything else about this new cult classic.

0 Snores out of 5 snores. what if Bigfoot really did live in abandoned houses?

Source: In Hiding a Bigfoot Story – IMDb