Tony Lowery’s “Down” Lyric Video stuns us all!

The return of Tony Lowery has begun! This Lyric video created by iCizzle Visuals stuns us all! A powerful song and video.

The video starts with images of old time religion and images of mother Mary. The lyrics, at times, are hard to understand so having this video show us what Tony Lowery is speaking on helps get the message across.  The song and video has been stirring controversy among the youtube community. We reported last week Youtube advertisers have pulled out because of the message. I’m not sure why? I couldn’t fall asleep because I was so entertained! I guess advertisers only want boring. Now that’s a shame!

0 snores out of 0 snores! We need more songs in Hip Hop that have something to say and not just mumbles with fads and skinny jeans.