Dear Tonight Show

I want to thank you for such an outstanding job you’ve done in recreating a great show. I’ve been finding myself watching clips of the show online and when it airs.

I think back to when I was growing up and my memories of The Tonight Show and it’s hosts. From Johnny Carson to Jay Leno to Jimmy Fallon it’s truly been a great ride.


One change in particular really has made a great improvement and that’s adding games and interaction with the guests.


Also, the addition of Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and Steve Higgins have given the show a truly genuine and sincere feel. I can only imagine what goes on behind the scenes and the amount of work it takes to produce such a high quality show 5 nights out of the week.

You must truly have great people working to create something great. I feel truly blessed to be able to watch and enjoy such a quality program as The Tonight Show.

Thank you so much, iCizzle


Final Snore: 0 Snores out of 0 Snores. What makes this show so good is that it knows what it’s good at… and  that’s having fun!