EXCLUSIVE: Dog IDS Vol 2 rough script (With Pictures)

When Dogs have a problem again. Theres only one man they can call again… iCizzle  Because the dog shrink is here again. Cizzle’s back! We need you iCizzle! Wait what’s going on?  On today’s episode of Dog IDS. It’s the case of the missing ball. Have you ever lost something special? Trying to find it will put you in a panic frantic. Take my client Ziggy Is for example. Ziggy is was in a panic since he couldn’t find his favorite ball. He messaged me and asked if I could come to visit him. I agreed and to the couch we went. Ziggy is explained to me that he had lost his favorite ball. A ball that his friend Rusty found for him at a dog park Oh yeah let me give you a little backstory on Ziggy Is

  • Flashback – White –

Ziggy was born sometime in month of February. no one really knows because his birth certificate was lost.  He has 4 kids. He also makes music. Oh yeah he has a website and social media. Make sure you like this page. Ziggy is also working on a biographical novel tentivitely titled “How I quit the ball and succeed in life.”  He also released a series of short hypnotizing videos of him staring at you the viewer.

  • Flashback – White –

Whew we made it out alive. Where were we? oh yea. The missing ball. I suggested to Ziggy Is that maybe it’s in his house. So we looked and looked. Nothing. The couch. of course. We might of been sitting right on it. Ziggy looked positive it was there. but to not avail. What about under the bed? Hmmm, nothing. as Ziggy was eating he came to the realization that it was on the shoe rack. above them not below them. How funny the time it was right above us. And maybe that’s the secret to it all. I guess when you’re looking for something to hard and in a franc state… you’ll never find it. Ziggy is was not doing good. He lost his favorite ball again. oh what to do now? He got it. message iCizzle the dog shrink. Whenever in need message iCizzle the dog shrink. Ziggy is messaged me and told me he was unable to find his favorite ball this past week. He invited me. Bloopers – director off camera Here we go quite on the set. and action! Retake! Speed, marker, and action! Cizzle is at the door.

Not until you get me a chicken nugget from burger king. Not McDonalds! What am I working for Dog food here?  Can I get some help right now? Wheres the steak! Laughing Ziggy is Yeah well you just made the blooper reel!

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