Aquaman is great entertainment for white families

Let me start by saying I get it. This is a movie about a man who is a fish. Yeah, so they did a fine job at doing an average job. So the movie is about a fish that must become a kingfish and doesn’t want to be. The wait is this the same story of every movie the past 100 years? hmmm, Black Panther? Coming to America?

The movie wants us to believe that Nicole Kidman is the mom of Jason Momoa? That would mean Nicole was 12 when Jason was born? Ewww, what? That’s like not cool. I don’t know the love story was blah and bland. I think Dean Cain would have been a better citing choice for the romance part of the movie. But really who cares? I didn’t and that’s why I walked out before the movie wrapped up its love story after the final battle scene? Why?

Here’s the thing with the movie Aquaman, I wasn’t mad that I was slightly bored and slightly entertained. It has some cool visuals to look at sometimes. I find myself getting mad as I type out my review of the film. When I walked out of the movie I was like 2.5 snores out of 5 snores. It’s an average movie with some special effects. If you’re looking for a movie that everyone in the family can watch together this is it. Grandpa can show the grandkids this movie and say “Well, grandpa only uses those bad words when working on cars”.

Without the fully committed Jason Momoa really going for it… This movie would be trash in the sea. Oh yeah, if I have to hear another word about how we treat the planet and seas with our trash. Look we have to work and live on this planet with billions of people. Why can’t we just send the trash into space?

Final Snore: 3.5 snores out of 5 snores. If you have nothing else to do and want to watch a movie were the bad people are black. The Asian person in this movie is not in the sea and Atlanta is a white wonderland. Then this is the movie for you!!