Avengers EndLame is just that and oh yeah hokey.

Avengers EndLame is just that and oh yeah hokey.


what you say? Ian the rotten tomatoes meter is at 96% for this 3 hour and 1 minute I guess movie? Yes 96% is high. Yes I know $356 million domestically on it’s opening weekend.

Spoilers are coming as is a weak ending. This movie franchise has every actor your mom knows, every actor your aunt knows, every actor your sister knows. This movie has something lame for everyone. Lots of lame wise crack captain americas butt jokes. Speaking of Captan America I’m confused by the idea that at the end of the movie he never became Captan America?? Yes he has a shield and I guess can now summon Thors hammer? Wait, if he was never captain America then that would mean he never existed in this movie? Now I’ve gone crosseyed. So lost and boy what a cluster luck of actors that I guess where born to play the role of these superheroes from decades ago. Never has there been so many has beens on one movie scene..EVER!

5 hours 31 minutes of Thanos! NOOOOOOOO! Someone hire an editor please and thank you!

The movie needs to cut out 20 minutes before it actually does. I was checking my watch and getting bored by the extended 20 plus minutes of stories of the characters we really don’t care about. Hawkeye? When has anyone ever asked for a Hawkeye movie or expanded story? No one thats who. Plus you guys already did this scene of crying before the spot was blown up. I don’t know. This just feels like it could of been cut down from 2 movies into one 3 hour and 1 minute movie. This movie feels like they ran out of material and just started saying what can we do with all the footage we filmed over the years?

HOKEY and CORNY! Talk about running dry on material after 10 years.

Do we really need to be reminded who these characters are? Just watch the movies again. geesh. Why the fat suit on Thor? What happened to Thor? He was so dark in the world and then it turned into rainbow bright. Man can we just make Thor a little more respected and not the punching bag of comedy. The man lost his whole family for goodness’ sake.     

Was this movie really needed and does it add to the MCU?

The movie is useless gibberish and honestly I’m glad they ended it now. This movie is a close example of turning into Lord of the rings and The Hobbit movies pick one.. Overlong and boring. I would not watch this one again as it’s just dumb and long. I would fall asleep every time like I did with Dr Snore I mean strange *snoring”.  So if you want a movie to fall to just this is the one for you.

5 Snores out of 5 Snores. This is a certified blockbuster snoozers. Congrats Disney you now own everything and have remade everything to death!! Please reboot this world and make it darker and grittier. Less goofyballs and more hard as nails kinda movie *Audience claps*.