Thanks Hellboy (2019) for the gruesome ride!


On one hand you have a movie that is gritty, grimmer, bloodier, gruesomer, fouler, languager, and yeah.

On the other hand you have two movies that are cleaner, leaner, at times meaner, slower, lowered, and yeah.

So I think I really enjoyed all the aspect of this movie and what it was going for. I enjoyed the campiness of it. Why not update the movie and bring a darker Hot Topic approach to it. you know have some fun with it. I don’t think the director or filmmakers set out to make a great movie that critics and the oscars would want. I think they made a movie they wanted to make. I appreciate that about this movie.

The cast in this movie usually gets bad reviews from rotten tomatoes critics. Yes all 68 out of 74 middle aged white men and a few female critics decided they didn’t want to like this movie. It’s understandable considering they didn’t hold press screenings or screeners for critics. by the way critics hate movies that they can’t see earlier than the general public. that’s a strike one for Hellboy (2019).

We must understand what this movie is and isn’t. The showing I was at was schedule for 4:30 on a Tuesday afternoon. luckily the weather was cloudy and almost thunderous. It felt like a scene from Hellboy was about to happen. As if the earth would open up and swallow all of us and Hellboy would have to save us in his own cynical way.

The visuals are deeply disturbing if you care about humans in any way. Hellboy (2019) was not shy about being gruesome with human bodies. In doing so I think a lot of people decided to pass on all of that. I however am a fan of gruesome movies if done in a campy and artistic way. All 2 and soon to be 3rd John Wick movies that rely heavily on artistic merit.

The problem I always had with the originals is they felt like kids movies Disney would of made in the 2000s right along side with she’s the man.

I got home right after I just watched Hellboy (2019) and watched the original Hellboy (2004) again. The results of watching the two back to back was fun. The original was so light and bright and boring and snoring. I don’t know, they’re harmless movies. The second Hellboy wasn’t as fun for me and I was bored most of the movie. Other than that the originals are cool I guess. I get kinda bored thinking about them.

The time of the season is everything. With Hellboy (2019) barely reaching $20 million at the domestic box office it’s unlikely we’ll see a sequel anytime soon. The best chance we’d get is years from now a cult following has started for Hellboy (2019). Pretty unlikely. With this being an April release and a movie about Hell or the subject of Hell may not be good. This might of fared better in an October release and the theme of Hell. Halloween and people tend to be fine with movies about Hell. However, the Easter bunny and Jesus don’t really like Hell in April if you know what I mean.

FINAL SNORE: 0 Snores out of 0 Snores! Wide Awake and going oh wow that was cool! I enjoyed this movie version of Hellboy (2019) and would go to a sequel if they made one. I’ve even settle for a TV show. Thanks Hellboy (2019) for the gruesome ride.