Shazam is not related to Kazaam

The heart of this movie is the charm of Zachary Levi. He plays it like a Brendon Fraiser in the mummy movie days.

I didn’t know a lot about shazam going into this movie. my first impression was is that jamie foxx and who’s that girl behind the 1s and 2s? Oh wait thats the game show on fox. or is it CBS? dang it well one of those channels. umm, so shazam is about a boy and his lonely sad life of being a foster kid and no one loving him. Strong themes of abandonment.

Wait, is Shazam still a thing? I mean do people still use Shazam? Actually what is a Shazam?

Also, really strong performances all around. This is a cool young hip assemble cast. It’s really cool and fun to watch. It does ham it up from time to time. I really enjoyed this movie. It had a fun time and charm about it. A lot of surprises in the story and hey the kids in this movie are easy to relate with and have strong acting chops. I see a very bright future for them in the movies.

I really think you should just watch it. and really you can enjoy this movie with anyone in the family, friends, and whoever is around. 

Standout scene was the battle between shazam and the bad man. the far away i can’t hear you or can you speak up. hahaha. what a treat.

FINAL SNORE: 0 Snores out of 0 snores. Wide awake classic. A lot of fun to be had here. I’m looking forward to the sequel and whatever it may bring to the DC universe.