The Twilight Zone vs Black Mirror

The Twilight Zone vs Black Mirror

Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone have well known actors and that’s a bonus.

Let’s compare the two shows and see what we get

Black Mirror is darker, original and stranger. The Twilight Zone of new is dated on arrival.  The narration in the twilight zone is by Jordan Peele and yes Black Mirror doesn’t have any. Where Black Mirror really succeeds is in it’s telling of future societies and the new problems that still haunt the human race.

The Twilight Zone fails to deliver anything new and exciting.

The original Twilight Zone is so original that trying to top it or even attempting to duplicate that success has failed over the years. The 1980s movie and series fell flat to deliver anything that you would want to keep watching.  The 2000’s brought yet another remake with Forest Whitaker as the narrater. Yep it too failed.

2019 brings the reimagining of the classic show.

What is missing is not the actors that everyone knows. Or even the newly added cursing to I guess make it seem like it’s for the internet crowd. Oddly enough the bad words don’t really add anything to this failed attempt. 

In an era where everything is online. I can sort of understand why they would release the show exclusively on the CBS all access app. The only problem is you can’t really watch on a TV older than 3 years old. So the app is only good on your phone, even at that, who really want’s to watch an hour long show on their phone?  You can watch it on your laptop or iPad I guess. Why CBS is choosing not to release it’s most known properties like Star Trek and the Twilight Zone on TV is an interesting choice. On one hand you have the older generations that grew up watching the Twilight Zone on TV as kids. On the other hand, It might be because TV is slowly dying and that’s due to Netflix.

CBS seems old and out dated.

Maybe that’s why I can’t watch this with anyone younger than 17 and with my parents. That’s too bad. It’s a shame they choose not to release it on TV. Give people more options to enjoy the show. It’s as though the executives at CBS said “No! We must look and act just like Netflix!!”. That again is a shame because a show like Black Mirror takes the r rating and runs with it on Netflix. Plus Black mirror is almost the same show. Black Mirror is what the new Twilight Zone would of been had they released it in 2011. So in some aspects Black Mirror is not a rail off because it came first.

The Twilight Zone feels like its trying too hard. I mentioned earlier about the language being corse. Even the narration by Jordan Peele feels like a comic parody of a parody.. Only Jim Carrey did it better in parodying a CBS show named CSI Miami.

The heart of the Twilight Zone has been traded for vulgarity and boredom.

With only 7 episodes under it’s belt it feels like these episodes are from a show that’s been running out of fuel.  These first season episodes seem tired and overplayed. I get the wanting to speak about sorta current issues. IE police brutality and being black, the Me Too movement and others that just feel stale.

Even the remake of a remake of a remake that is the classic William Shatner man on a plane going insane. Even the movie version with John Lithgow and the gremlin are far superior.  The new version with Adam Scott. Who is Adam Scott? I can wait. No really who is Adam Scott? The remake just feels like the old hollywood machine churning out yet another unnecessary remake.    

Black Mirror hits us with questions about ourselves and future societies

The Netflix show that’s been streaming since 2011 has a limited number of episodes per season. however, that’s not really a bad thing. They keep the stories original and the episodes and whatever length they want to tell the story.

Black Mirror takes on of Black history with the episode titled “Black Museum”. It’s wickedly told with a smart twist as instead of a set narrator it uses the tour guide to tell us the audience about the stories. The stories play on our everyday fears of what if this is a future I lived in?   

The Star Trek inspired black mirror episode is dark and twisted. It’s original and offers viewers maybe a new concept of what a new type of Star Trek could be like. The twists and turns the episode takes are magical and what these types of shows are really about. And what do you ask that is.. Originality!

The Waldo Moment is a genius satire on the political system. The gimmicks we buy so we don’t have to elect the already elected. The need for change in the government even if it is a cartoon character. Sadly, The Twilight One (2019) fails with a child rip off of the same idea. I don’t know I think Black Mirror did it better.


The Twilight Zone (2019) get’s 5 snores out of 5 snores. Certified Snoozer. All those years of wanting a new version of a classic isn’t worth the wait.  It’s a shame they try so hard to be someone else and not who they really are.

Black Mirror (2011 – Current) get’s 0 snores out of 0 snores. Wide Awake! It’s uniquely it’s own creation and seems to be running along just fine. With every passing season it only gets stronger with a crazy new future of human problems.