Shark Tank is 10 years strong!

Even with a move to Sunday nights at 10pm on ABC Shark tank is still going strong.

It’s a shame they would a show that can reach kids, Adults and Grand parents on a Sunday night at 10pm. I understand that it’s a era of steaming and yeah I’ll get to it later.  However, Shark tank used to be on Friday nights when Parents and Kids could watch and be inspired to become the next great entrepreneur. You would figure with a late night showing before early Monday morning school for the kids that Shark Tank would be doomed. Not the case at all.

Who wouldn’t want to pitch the idea of a business to investors and celebrities?

With the addition of new celebrity sharks over the years with the likes of Ashton Kutcher, Charles Barkely, Jeff Foxworthy, Bethany Frankall, Alex Rodriguez and more the show is better than ever. The show has stayed the same for the last 10 years and thats a good thing. the old saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” and that’s exactly what’s its done. The format has stayed the same. The sharks have rotated and the pitches well the same.

The problem is that the new ideas don’t get funded as often as in the first few seasons.

I can understand that throwing money at an idea that isn’t proven to return money is not good. The ideas and pitches from people with no sales and an idea that is just ok never get funded. Hey I wouldn’t put my money down either. However, the ideas and pitches that won in the early season are now in Season 10 being showcased. You need good examples of entrepreneurs that have taken nothing and turned it into something because of Shark Tank.

The new sharks are now what the first sharks invested in. What a great way to showcase your great decisions in a start up business. Why wouldn’t you being a new young shark to the tank and have them listen to and invest in ideas? I will say this I’m not a huge fan of Disney and what they’re doing to movies, shows and streaming. It’s just that with Shark Tank we get education of how to pitch your business to investors. You know, how to change your life in a few seconds with just one offer. With just one shark excited with your business and it’s future.

The heart of the show is in the sharks and pitches.

Look I said it before and I’ll say it again. Shark Tank and it’s sharks are amazing. The brilliant branding of Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec and Barbara Corcoran.. to think this was once called Dragons Den. Yes there’s more Shark but who cares right? The original show Dragons Den which you can see episodes Youtube is kinda boring and ready to fall asleep.

Shark Tank came along with a country on the brink of the depression.

2009 was a year of the first black president, the end of the Iraqi war, and the great housing crash. What? you wanna pitch a show about entrepreneurs needing money to take their business to the next level? That’s insane! right? No! It was a great idea. you know why? Because everyone has a great business idea needing funding. I mean everyone.

What does the future hold for Shark Tank?

Let’s hope the show can keep up what made it great in the first place… The sharks. Look, everyone has ideas. Yeah you can say that again. We just need great investors who believe in those ideas. The pitches are what they are. the people that pitch will always have another idea. besides the forms you have to fill out online to be on Shark Tank are longer then ever. In my opinion, Shark Tank should never end if it stays true to what makes it great…and for that reason I’m out… For now.     

FINAL SNORE: 0 snores out of 0 snores. WIDE AWAKE. Still with all the wannabe Shark Tank ripoffs out there. The show has never lost it’s steam. In fact, it’s only gotten stronger with time. And for that reason I’m out.