The Irishman: Whew 3 Hours and 20 minutes worth of this?

Whew 3 Hours and 20 minutes worth of this? Man you’d think 2 hours and 20 minutes would be plenty. I think the best way of release would of been a series on Netflix. It’s kinda sad that I feel this way. I feel like that would of given everyone a better shot at a second movie or season. 320 minutes divided by 8 episodes = 40 minutes per episode. Now I would be more enticed to finish this story.

Look I really enjoy Martin Scorsese’s films and love that we get another gangster type movie. A lot of great stuff here however it’s the 20s. I need things cut down and presented to me in a get to the point manner. If it was 1990 and I just went to the local blockbuster video store and rented the 2 VHS cassette of Goodfellas I would gladly switch out the first VHS and pop in part 2.

All the technology hype doesn’t really payoff. It feels like I’m watching an ok version of Grand Theft Auto at 80. It’s cool for nostalgia but really for how long? A lot of the scenes are so squared off and lacking any movement. When this happens it caused my eyes to hang heavy for we my friends are about to hear talking and a lot of it. However, Al Pacino and his trademark yell delivery is always welcomed in his movies. Only this time it looked like he was a CGI cartoon. Hmmm, this technology is kind of lazy and really stands out. The 10s will be known for patching in bad cgi characters that are wooden looking.   

Look if you want a movie you can watch for 20 minutes before a great night of sleep The irishman is the one. This is pure NyQuil.  5 SNORES out of 5 SNORES! Certified Snoozer.