The Macc Dundee Show Is Coming to Streaming TV

What’s “The Macc Dundee Show” all about?

Presented like a talk show on the street and clubs, this series is anything but. Macc Dundee, as the host and himself, is a comedian who goes around interviewing celebrity artists, filming his life, and then replaying the footage with narration. Dundee’s brother J-Shep and the Dundeal Entertainment family serve as co-hosts on the show.

Who created it and how did it make it to America?

The Macc Dundee Show is a Canadian-American television show, created by and starring American comedian / Musician Macc Dundee, that first aired on public access. (Macc Dundee also produced a pilot episode for CBC Television, although the CBC did not pick up the series.)

The show moved to the United States and aired on DDTV. It was ranked #7 on Gossip Pimp’s 50 Best TV Shows of All Time.  The show was signed on for a second season as The New Season of The Macc Dundee Show. Dundee launched Macc Dundee Live, a live call-in show for his website, which was later renamed Macc Dundee’s House Tonight.

Cast and Crew

The show is hosted by Macc Dundee, along with his brother musician J-Shep and the Dundeal Entertainment family. Ian Cranston, who co-wrote the show with Dundee, occasionally appears in segments. Many of the clips are targeted at having fun, with both friends, already established and up and coming artists.

When Is gonna be available?

January 29th, 2020 via Amazon Prime Video