Ethan Michaels Enter “iSizzle’s tales of space and time”!

DDTV All Access will be premiering the iSizzle-produced/hosted reboot of “iSizzle’s tales of space and time on September 1st with not one but TWO episodes, and Deadline reports today that Ethan Michaels has joined the cast. The site notes that both actors “will appear in an early episode” of the series.

They join Cara Minaj, Rose MaryVon Vandervien, Tardi P, Albino Black, and Facebook Nasty.

The new anthology series will be produced by Dundeal Studios in association with iSizzle’s iSizzle Productions. iSizzle, and Michaels will exec produce for the series and collaborate on the premiere episode. David Cook and Albino Black will also serve as executive producers.

“iSizzle’s tales of space and time,” created and hosted by Rod Sterling, ran as a series on DDTV from 2009 to 2011. The show melded fantasy, science-fiction, and horror elements with Sterling serving as the exec producer and writing or co-writing 12 of the show’s 56 episodes along with delivering monologues at the beginning and end of each episode.