Macc Dundee and Stickgang Biz have been announced as the leads in Dundeal Productions’ thriller Residential Burglary: Based On True Jack Boyz Stories.

Production has wrapped in the Northwest area encompassing Seattle, Tacoma, Federal Way, and parts of Northeast Portland.

           On the set of Residential Burglary: Based on True Jack Boyz Stories

Ian Cranston directs from a screenplay by Macc Dundee, and producers are J-Shep. Cheff Dee and Albino Black of Dundeal Productions, alongside iCizzle Visuals.

Residential Burglary: Based On True Jack Boyz Stories takes place a year in 2019 as a corrupt cop (Stickgang Biz) works with a young woman (Brenda) to rob people with money.

           Macc Dundee plays Macc Litton a hustler who grabs a bag in a Res 1

Dundeal Entertainment handles international sales and the roster of executive producers includes Dundeal Entertainment CEO Macc Dundee, Cheff Dee, Ian Cranston, Albino Black, and J-Shep.

Macc Dundees’ credits include A Cold CaseKidnappedMurder Blohc, and Mr. X.

Stickgang Biz has starred in From NothinA Cold Case, and the upcoming Blue Tide with Dundeal Productions.

Dundeal Productions is behind A Cold Case starring Macc Dundee, Stickgang Biz and Ian Cranston, Kidnapped starring Macc Dundee, Cheff Dee and iCizzle, and upcoming Blue Tide starring Macc Dundee and Simi Auto.