Snore Awards

  • matrix-sucks

    The Matrix trilogy (it’s worse than you remember)

    The Matrix was a mysterious place in the first movie. In Reloaded, the Matrix isn’t a place that we would want to visit in the movie theater. The 3rd one? Wait, what was that one about again? What happened to the visual porn? Everything feels trite and contrived. 

  • 0511-american-idol-cancelled2-1

    Why American Idol Sucks

    Start by replacing Katy Perry, cutting down the amount of episodes a season, be honest to the contestant, bring the fun back of off key singers and place oh please stop advertising every new disney live action remake and blah blah blah.

  • Screen-Shot-2019-05-01-at-5.35.39-PM

    Avengers EndLame is just that and oh yeah hokey.

    The movie is useless gibberish and honestly I’m glad they ended it now. This movie is a close example of turning into Lord of the rings and The Hobbit movies pick one.. Overlong and boring.

  • marvel doctor strange sixth scale hot toys feature 902854 1

    Top 5 times I fell asleep to Doctor Strange

    I’m gonna list all 5 times from what I can remember before I feel a sleep below.  It’s a fine movie and the acting is good.. snoring.  Ok ok let’s get to the top 5 times I fell asleep to Doctor Strange.

  • Set-It-Up-trailer-700x300

    Set It Up (Netflix) Please don’t

    So why do we care if the most rude and disrespectful Lucy and Taye get together? We don’t. What a dumb movie. I would recommend watching the worst Hallmark movie 5 times instead. I would recommend watching anything else.